Two Mafiosi Against Goldginger (1965)

After James Bond gets killed, who can stop the evil Goldginger? If you said Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia — yes, the same duo from Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs — then you’d be right. How did you guess?

Somehow, this movie was bought by American International Pictures, dubbed into English and sold as part of their AIP-TV movie package as The Amazing Dr. G. It’s also known as Goldginger.

Just as a warning: the comedy duo spends a great deal of time in this movie in blackface. This was 1965, long before people understood how horrible this behavior was. It’s not an excuse, but I want you to go in warned.

The henchman Molok is played by Dakar, a Peruvian pro wrestler who fought in the Luna Park against Martín Karadagián as part of Titanes en el Ring. He’s also in the Umberto Lenzi spy film Last Man to KillZombie and played the High Priest of the Spider in Ator the Fighting Eagle.

Rosalba Neri is also on hand. She’s in plenty of Eurospy movies like Superseven Calls on CairoLucky the InscrutableOSS 117 – Double Agent and Password: Kill Agent Gordon. She also shows up in Lucifera: Demon LoverAmuck!, Lady Frankenstein and Franco’s 99 Women.

George Hilton is in this for just a second as Bond. What perfect casting.

You can watch this on Tubi under its American title, Two Crazy Secret Agents.

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