Impact Event (2020)

When efforts to missile-destroy an incoming meteor fails (through expositional news reports and an opening “NASA officials” sequence), a group of friends (a cast of amateur, unknown actors) pulls a “George Romero”: but instead of finding refuge in a shopping mall, they hold up in a carnival funhouse — with killers in clown paint.

The “Margaret O’Brien” on the marquee is the same child actress who starred in the 1944 classics Meet Me in St. Louis with Judy Garland and The Canterville Ghost with Charles Laughton, and 1949’s Little Women with Elizabeth Taylor. She’s recently returned to the screen with the direct-to-video flicks Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill! and Frankenstein Rising.

Yes, that’s Vernon Wells from The Road Warrior, Michael Berryman from Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes I and II, and Richard Grieco (‘80s TV series 21 Jump Street and Booker) as a bunker bound, ex-special ops soldier offering radio assistance to the survivors. And do we have to remind you Wells and Berryman parodied their roles in Weird Science? And that Grieco recently starred in Art of the Dead (2019) and transitioned into directing with Clinton Road (2019)?

The opening sequence featuring O’Brien and Wells is well-produced and acted (obviously), with O’Brien as a NASA official who appears on a computer screen speaking with Wells in his cramped lab, but they die off-camera and we never seen them again. And Grieco is in the film less than five minutes. But that’s how the exploitation pieces move on the direct-to-video game board: we’ve seen more than enough Nicolas Cage (read our “Nic Cage Bitch” exposé) and Eric Roberts (A Talking Cat) flicks to win that game.

The filmmaker behind Impact Event, B. Luciano Barsuglia, is currently in production with a new, relevant-to-the-times project: Social Distance concerns a group of survivors who discover the nation’s work-from-home mandate is part of a conspiracy to dwindle the numbers of middle class workers. Cool idea.

Impact Event is out now on DVD, PPV, and VOD through Wide Eye Releasing.

Disclaimer: This was sent to us by the film’s PR company.

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