St. John In Exile (2007)

This is another odd part of Dan Curtis’ career — a filmed version of Dean Jones (That Darn Cat!The Love Bug) acting out the final days of John, the last living disciple of Jesus’ twelve apostles.

He speaks to the audience as if they can hear him and continually makes jokes throughout, but gives you the idea of what it would be like to actually hear Jesus’ story from someone who lived it.

Who knew that this week would take me from Dark Shadows to the realm of Kolchak, the classics like Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker, and then to…the Bible? Ah well. It’s never boring writing about movies.

The reviews on Amazon are mixed by people absolutely loving this and hardcore fundamentalists who don’t like all the jokes. Then there are others who are upset that it’s basically a filmed stage play. Me? I was entertained, as I rarely watch anything like this.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

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