Agramon’s Gate (2019)

There’s this party. And these kids. And this psychic reader that they invited. And then, something goes wrong and someone crosses over from the other side to haunt everyone. He or she or it is named Agramon and they cannot be stopped.

This movie comes to us from Harley Warren, who also sent Eternal Code our way.

Yeah, I don’t do Ouija boards or seances at parties. Horror films have taught me so much. No one in this movie learned those lessons.

Laurene Landon (Maniac Cop) is in this, as is Yan Birch (The Stairmaster from The People Under the Stairs). They play Richie’s parents, who we see in flashbacks, and Yan’s character comes back from the dead to get this whole mess going. Or maybe it’s that demon in the title. Just you know — follow my advice. Nobody should get their fortune read or reach out to the dead. Bad stuff always follows.

Agramon’s Gate is available on demand from Midnight Releasing. You can learn more at the official Facebook page.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR company.

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