REPOST: Assassin’s Target (2020)

NOTE: We shared this movie last year when it was called Impossible Mission. It’s being re-released with this new title.

Rosa is a master assassin who is great at poisoning people. Now, she’s set up on a final mission where she is asked to kill a spiritual leader who keeps hacking into cable signals during the news and major soccer matches. However, she might face an even greater threat from those within her own organization.

Soon, Rosa and operative Will Gray have teamed up to sniff and snuff out that leader, but their romance may also get in the way of the mission. This movie has an interesting concept and a great beginning as Rosa slowly works a target to sleep via poison, but when you want it to be filled with action, it really starts to slow down.

This is Jimena Gala first movie and she really does well in it. I’d like to see her in more, as she seemed exceedingly confident despite this being the sole credit on her IMDB page.

You can find this movie on demand and on DVD.

DISCLAIMER: This movie was sent to us — two times now — by its PR agency.

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