Fever Lake (1995)

Once upon a time, Corey Haim, Mario Lopez and Bo Hopkins went to Kenosha, Wisconsin and made a slasher. The end.

Ah man, I have to talk about this movie more than that, huh?

How about if I told you that a Native American mystic named Clear Springs — played by the not a Native America n Michael Wise — warns a bunch of teenagers that a lake is cursed and they still party and pay for it with their lives?

Bo Hopkins is in here and his IMDB reminds me that Murder, She Wrote was on so long that he was able to be a guest star on it twice as two totally different characters. He plays a sheriff, a role he seems born to play, as he was also the law in movies and shows like A Crack In the FloorDusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood MoneyGetting to Know YouR.I.O.T. the MovieTexas PaybackFertilize the Blaspheming BombshellMatlockThe Bounty HunterTrapper County WarA Smokey Mountain Christmas, The Fall GuyMutantSweet Sixteen and A Small Town In Texas.

That said, if you ever wanted to see one of the Coreys and AC Slater battle demons, you’re in luck. This was also called Demon Kid in a toned down version, but why would you want to watch a demon slasher movie and not at least get some blood?

You can watch this on Amazon Prime and Tubi. There’s also a Rifftrax version on Amazon Prime.

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