Alien Outlaw (1985)

If you didn’t get enough of Lash LaRue in The Dark Power, have I got good news for you! The master of the whip — no, not El Latigo or Indiana Jones — returns to battle aliens this time, in a movie directed by Phil Smoot, whose name I will drunkenly yell at people for years because it amuses me.

Smoot also directed — surprise, surprise — The Dark Power, as well as serving as a camera operator on Carnival Magic, a movie that has wiped out whatever brain cells I had left from art school.

Jesse Jamison (Kari Anderson) is a gun-shooting lady about to put on a show in a small Southern town — it was shot in Allegheny County and Sparta, North Carolina — and then some aliens just so happen to show up.

Luckily, she has the help of locals like Alex (LaRue) and Sunset (Sunset Carson, a former rodeo star who became a B-level cowboy star for Republic in the 1940s).

Much like Without Warning, this movie somehow rips off Predator years before that movie was made.  Life’s weird like that sometimes.

You can watch this with Rifftrax commentary on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Note: Michael Robertson sent me some info that adjusted this article. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Alien Outlaw (1985)

  1. It makes me smile when I see old hand character actors and vintage cowboy stars pop up in 70’s and 80s flotsam. I have to respect the showbiz trouper of it all, while I get my giggles at the silliness surrounding them.


  2. The fitness model/makeup artist named Kari Anderson is a different person. The Kari Anderson from “Alien Outlaw” lives in North Carolina (where she went to grad school and filmed the movie) and teaches dance to children.


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