Joe Stryker (2019)

There used to be a time when Joe Stryker was the best damn cop in the business. Then his wife got killed by a bunch of drug pushers and he spiraled out of control, just as the city he served fell apart. Now, Joe’s on the comeback, ready to make the people who made his life hell on Earth pay. And that receipt? Yeah, it’s gonna be paid in blood, baby.

The brainchild of Ryan Cadaver and Kevin Slayfield, Joe Stryker is what happens when you let a bunch of maniacs loose with movie-making equipment and what can only be several nights worth of intoxicants.

You ever drive through a small town that only has bars, four Dollar Generals and a run-down convenience store and wonder what kind of shenanigans go down once the sun fades away and the lower tier booze starts flowing? Well, I grew up in a place exactly like that and can tell you that Joe Stryker would have fit right in.

Training montages? Glowing green drugs? Drug-dealing devil dudes? A band called The Casket Creatures? Gratuitous nudity of both the breast and ball variety? Montages of the neon city at night? Dudes wearing Zubaz with face tattoos carrying bazookas? Plenty of scenes set in bars? Faces getting smashed into a mucky paste? Rusted out storage units? Lots of swearing? Car trunks full of semi-automatic weapons? Yeah, this movie has all that and then some, including dialogue like, “We’re just here to party. You know, do drugs? Fuck goats?”

It’s shot on video and has the budget of my last big date with my wife, but don’t let that hold you back. If you love the kind of movies that I do — and if you’re on this site, I think that you do — then this is the kind of movie that I think you’re going to love.

I’ve had nights like this at the bars of my hometown, except, you know, I never had to hide someone’s ripped off leg in the back of my toilet tank. Yeah, I’m no Joe Stryker. Not many people can be.

You can learn more at the official Facebook page and order the movie right here.

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