A Perfect Host (2019)

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A Perfect Host, originally titled Adonis Complex is a thriller directed by Chad Werner. It stars Emily Hiott (who along with Chad wrote the film), John Michael Simpson, Katelyn Marie Marshall, Jeff McQuitty, and Brady Burleson Johnson.

Sam (Jeff McQuitty) and Avery (Katelyn Marie Marhsall) are going to a lake house for a weekend  getaway, joining them will be Cory (John Michael Simpson), and Becca (Emily Hiott). Sam and Avery arrive first but their access code to the house does not work, after Sam unsuccessfully calls Tad (Brady Burleson Johnson) about the code, he receives a text from Tad to try the code again, and suddenly it works.

Sam and Avery settle in choosing separate rooms and prepare for the arrival of their friends, who will be there the next day.  They look through the entertainment options but all that is in the house is a strange DVD titled Body of Gods. A few glasses of wine later, Sam bares his heart to Avery and tells her he is love with her and has been for a very long time. This makes things super awkward between them. They hear a loud knock and outside is Tad, the owner of the rental home, who is a minimalist who lives in the woods. He has a really weird conversation with Sam. Sam and Avery retire for the evening.

Sam is woken up in the middle of the night by a strange noise, it turns out Tad is making a smoothie, he seems to mean well but is increasingly becoming off-putting. Tad makes Sam work out like mad and Avery wakes up and meets them outside. She offers Tad coffee which sets him off on a tirade about poisoning his body and needing to stay in shape. He also talks about his wife Janet and her suffering from Rhabdomyolysis. It’s quite obvious he is a little unhinged when Avery inquires about the extra room she saw in the house as their friends will need a place to sleep as Sam and her have chosen different rooms.

Sam and Avery go for a small canoe ride but they run into Tad on the lake, Tad capsizes the canoe, and ruins Sam and Avery’s phones. Things continue to become even more odd when Tad insists on cooking dinner for the two friends after apologizing to Avery for the canoe tipping. At dinner Tad starts talking about Fit Free. This really upsets Avery who really gives him the business because she cannot believe he is trying to shill some program on them after the horrible way he has been treating them. 

Avery breaks into the odd room she saw Tad in earlier and everything turns to shit. She comes across a series of videos titled Fit Free with Tad and Jan, and becomes extremely disturbed. Tad starts to show his real intentions for Avery and Sam.

I won’t say much more about the film as it isn’t out until February but I thought it was an excellent film. The cinematography is absolutely stunning. The film’s soundtrack is extremely effective at creating a sense of confusion and tensity and the actors do an amazing job. There aren’t many characters in this film so their portrayal is super important at keeping our interest. Sam and Avery have an oddly strained friendship but I enjoy their interactions. Brady has such a captivating presence as Tad and I was constantly afraid for our protagonists because of how menacing he seems.  Fans of smaller budget thrillers are sure to be pleased by this feature.

A Perfect Host is available on demand and on DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

DISCLAIMER: This movie was sent to us by its PR company.

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