The Devil’s Possessed (1974)

Leon Klimovsky — The People Who Own the DarkThe Dracula Saga, The Vampires Night Orgy — teams with Spain’s resident horror movie bad guy, Paul Naschy, to deliver some medieval torture and Satanic slaughter which is in no small way influenced by Ken Russell’s The Devils.

Written by Naschy himself, here the actor plays Baron Gilles de Lancre, who has returned from war only to be mistreated by his king. So he does what you or I would naturally do — search for the Philosopher’s Stone and kill anyone who gets in his way.

Gilles might have started out just trying to be a good guy, but Lady Georgelle and the alchemist Braqueville get him thinking that he could be King of France if he just starts sacrificing one virgin every Saturday for seven weeks, then doing that all over again. Only old war friend Gaston de Malebranche can stop the insanity.

Known as Marshall of Hell in its native Spain, this movie plays more like a historical drama than an outright occult film. That said, there are some fun psychedelic sacrifice scenes.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

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