#NoJoke (2019)

In #NoJoke, singer Andrew Cole sets out to convince his musical idols to help him make a song for victims of bullying. He’s joined by Jeff Goldblum, Slash, Patrick Stewart, Lemmy, Chad Smith, Jane Lynch and more, who share their talents and their sometimes painful experiences with him.

From writer/director Manfred Becker, #NoJoke chronicles Andrew’s journey to create a song with some of the biggest stars in the industry. Along the way, he faces up to his painful past, while giving viewers a deep personal insight into the issue of bullying.

There are plenty more famous people who share their feelings about bullying, including Randy Bachman, Ozzy Osbourne, Meat Loaf, Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn, Diego Boneta, Julian Lennon and Steve Vai.

You have to hand it to Becker for editing together all of this footage to make a coherent film. I’m not certain why it had certain things in it, like Jim Carrey posing for a picture with Andrew. It could have been a lot more focused without fawning over celebrities. Seriously, I feel like a bully for finding any fault with this.

#NoJoke is available on demand from Indiecan Entertainment.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR company.


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