Groupers (2019)

A grouper is someone who changes sexual gender or orientation later in life. This film also tells us that it also means a bottom-dwelling fish. Two all-American, homophobic high school bullies are seduced by the lovely Meg and then kidnapped, drugged and awaken tied up face to face in an abandoned pool. Absurdity and insanity ensue as we learn that Meg plans on performing a psychological and somewhat sadistic experiment on them to get revenge for the way they’ve treated her brother Orin.

Groupers is packed with outlandish characters, including a one-eyed street thug and a philosophical squatter who all get caught up in this odd tale of revenge while bringing their own, ambiguous motives (and opinions) to the party as they pontificate whether homosexuality is a choice.

Anderson Cowan’s first feature-length film, this was shot in 14 days. The idea for this movie was invented during the recording of The After Disaster podcast episode 224. It’s an intriguing idea for a movie and one you may want to check out for yourself on Amazon Prime. You can learn more on the movie’s official site and Facebook page.

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