Agent Jade Black (2020)

Rescued from the international white slave trade as a young girl and trained as a secret government killer, Jade Black must now go after a rouge former agent. That agent has the same background as her, but has now developed a biological weapon about to destroy the world, starting with the rich and powerful men who started the human trafficking operation they were both rescued from years earlier.

Director Terry Spears also created American Terror Story and Hell’s Bell. Now, he’s lending his talents to this film which was shot entirely in Oklahoma. It stars Katie Burgess, who was in The Jurassic Games.

It’s got an intriguing premise and Burgess shows promise.If you don’t let low budgets get in your way and you enjoy spy action, perhaps you should meet Jade Black.

Agent Jade Black is available on demand and on DVD from High Octane Pictures.

DISCLAIMER: This movie was sent to us by its PR agency.

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