Houses of Hell: House of Bones (2010)

A group of ghost hunters from a nationally syndicated TV show called Sinister Sites arrive for their latest assignment – the mysterious Wicker House in New Orleans. While the house has remained uninhabited since a series of murders in the 1950’s, locals know to stay away. Could this be the last episode of the show or can they make it out alive?

Director Jeffrey Scott Lando is a veteran of horror and SF made for cable movies like Haunted HighRoboshark and Decoys 2: Alien Seduction. He’s ably assisted by Corin Nemec as Quentin French, the host of the show, along with Charisma Carpenter as Heather Burton, a psychic.

This was written by Anthony C. Ferrante — who is behind all of the Sharknado movies — and Jay Frasco. Also — if you see the DVD cover that I posted, please know that the creature on it has nothing to do with the actual movie. It doesn’t even appear in it.

House of Bones originally aired on the SyFy Network on January 16, 2010. If you like SyFy movies, you’re in luck with this set.

This is one of four movies on Mill Creek Entertainment’s Houses of Hell set. It’s an affordable way to get some scares that you may not have seen otherwise. Plus, you get a free code to save these movies digitally on Mill Creek’s MovieSPREE! site. For more information, check out their site.

This movie is also on Tubi and Amazon Prime.

DISCLAIMER: This was sent to us by Mill Creek Entertainment.

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