The Pining (2019)

When members of Joe’s therapy group start dying under mysterious circumstances, Detective Harris is forced to reopen a cold case. Her only lead: Father William – the group therapy leader who seems to know more than what is in his police statements.

This comes from Eduardo Castrillo, whose film Worth we covered last year.

The sale copy for this reads: “In the tradition of The Exorcist and End of Days comes a paranormal whodunnit that pits a detective, priest and photographer against unexplainable evil.” Well, certainly these were movies and this is a movie as well.

Tom Sizemore stars as the priest and…well, he’s trying. Right? And hey there’s Miguel A. Núnez Jr., who was Spider in Return of the Living Dead and Dee Jay in Street Fighter. That’s probably the biggest selling point of the film to me.

If you’re streaming along and want to see a demonic zombie film with Tom Sizemore, well, I think there may be more than one option. But one of those is The Pining, which you watch for free on Amazon Prime.

DISCLAIMER: This movie was sent to us by its PR team. That has no bearing on our review.

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