Sorority Row (2009)

Remember The House on Sorority Row?

Somebody did.

Somebody remembered a lot of slashers, after all.

This is yet another in the WB era remake cycle, where a great title is remade, this time albeit made in not only my hometown of Pittsburgh, but my neighborhood of Munhall. Instead of killing their house mother, this time, the sisters kill one of their own.

I may have been watching too many episodes of The Hills and Laguna Beach these days — I blame my wife and the Pluto marathon channels — but I was interested to see what Audrina Patridge did in this film. Spoiler warning: She dies, impaled on a tire iron.

Director Stewart Hendler also has Whisper and Max Steele on his resume. These are not sterling accomplishments either.

Sorority Row is an alright late era slasher. If you knew nothing of better films, you’d probably enjoy it. I mean, Carrie Fisher is pretty good in it. Greg Evigan’s daughter plays the lead, for BJ and the Bear‘s sake. And hey — if you’re looking for a Rumer Willis film or enjoyed Jamie Chung on The Real World: San Francisco, you could watch it for those reasons too.

Despite references to the original — Rosman University is named for director Mark Rosman and Mrs. Slater’s cane appears — this movie seems to be inspired way more by the remake of Black Christmas, 2006’s Black X-Mas.

Obviously, that means we’re getting another crappy reboot of this movie soon, too.

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