Bloody Myth (2019)

A journalist desperately tries to find his missing fiancee and finally uncover the truth behind some sinister folklore finds himself on a dangerous road of discovery. The PR for this said that it’s in the tradition of Midsommar, but I promise not to try and hate this movie because of that.

Sean Brown and Luke Gosling worked together on the short Athena before this, their first full-length film.

Writer James Lincoln is sick of covering local stories of UFOs and ghosts. He feels like it’s a waste of his time and that he’s meant for bigger things. He soon learns of something called the Thirty, where someone has disappeared from a small town every year for the last twenty-nine years. So he does what none of us would do. He takes his pregnant fiancee to that town and of course, she gets taken.

This eventually turns into the kind of movie that I usually complain about. You know it, too. It’s when the characters all wander the woods and yell the missing person’s name over and over again.

Bloody Myth is available on demand and DVD from High Octane Pictures. You can learn more at the film’s official Facebook page.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR company.

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