Ellipse (2019)

Directors Joe Bland and Grant Martin have created a new sci-fi thriller that claims to prove that everything that we know about the weather is wrong. It all starts on a typical work day for an intergalactic military surveyor and his canine partner, which soon turns into an emergency crash landing, placing the team on a small uncharted planet.

Grant Martin is the writer, co-director and star of this movie, as he and his dad must discover how to survive on a planet that has no fixed axis, weather patterns, gravity or even time like they’re used to. Even worse, he’s addicted to alcohol and has none of it, along with memories of his dead girl to make things even worse. Now, he’s face to face with his greatest enemy, himself.

If you have a dog, I’ll spoil something for you now. Mac the dog survives the planet, but the movie ends with his owner facing his death fifteen years later. I’ve lost a best friend this year, so if this is the kind of thing that will make you cry like it did me, let me tell you before you get this far. Otherwise, I enjoyed the movie.

Ellipse is available on DVD and on demand.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR team.

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