Just Sex, Nothing Personal (2018)

Known as Seks i nichoho osobystoho in its native Ukraine, this is a movie all about Serhiy, a sweet, unassuming man who proposes marriage to his girlfriend. She responds by telling him that he’s not good enough in bed and he has a nervous breakdown. Soon, he travels to Prague to meet with his friend Vasyl in the hopes of learning to be a great lover.

After a night filled with strip club failure, Serhiy meets a stripper named Diana who offers to teach him how to gain superpowers in the sack. Now he has a path to a new, sex-filled life, but his ex-girlfriend re-emerges to stand in the way.

I never thought that today would bring a Russian language sex comedy to me, but that’s the magic of life. While I don’t speak the language, this is a fun watch with plenty of brightness.

DISCLAIMER: This was sent to us by its PR company.

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