Dragon Kingdom (2019)

From the effects team behind Harry Potter and filmmaker Simon Wells, Dragon Kingdom is an attempt at a new series of fantasy movies. This is a sequel to Knights of the Damned, a movie I didn’t see, and seems to set up another film.

I’m just going to share the description on IMDB, which is filled with fantasy terms like fury bloods: “Born of fire and magic the Dragons’ power is immeasurable. This power could not be harnessed until a Magister used it to spawn an army of fury bloods. Prince Favian of Zaldah filled with anger when King Xalvador named Princess Elizabeth as the next ruler enlisted the Magister’s army to take control of the Kingdom. The only people that can stop him and inform the King of Favian’s insidious plan are the Princess and her two Knights forming an unlikely alliance with two Katori Warrior Women. Their quest will not be easy as their path is blocked by the fury bloods leaving them no choice but to traverse The Dark Kingdom, a land that swallows all who enter.”

For those aforementioned fantasy fans, knowing that Ross O’Hennessey (Lord of Bones from Game of Thrones) is in it is probably a good selling point. I don’t usually watch these kind of movies, so I’m not the best to sell it to you.

Basically, if you miss that aforementioned show and want to watch a bunch of dragons, warrior women and monsters do battle, then Dragon Kingdom is pretty much what you’re looking for.

DISCLAIMER: This was sent to us by the movie’s PR team. That has no impact on our review.

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