Pledge Night (1990)

If you didn’t get enough of hazing gone wrong in Slaughter High, good news.

Way back in the 1960s, Sidney Scheider was one of the pledges who got hazed, having to bathe in cornflakes, coffee and vinegar, but someone replaced the water with pure acid — which of course didn’t eat the pipes or tub — and Sidney died a melty death. Also, Sid was played by Joey Belladonna, one of the seven singers the band has had (John Connelley who formed Nuclear Assault with former Anthrax member Dan Lilker, Jason Rosenfeld, Neil Turbin, Matt Fallon, a brief period of time where Scott Ian sang and the band called themselves The Diseased, Joey Belladonna and John Bush, before Belladonna returned to the band).

The rest of the movie is your typical college-aged slasher, albeit with an evil Joey Belladonna clone stabbing people with a sword from Medieval Times. One cast member quit right before shooting, as he took offense with the homoerotic nature of the hazing practices featured in this film. So there’s that.

The crazy thing is, most of them are based on reality, as writer/producer Joyce Synder meticulously researched the truth about fraternities. She also wrote the adult film Raw Talent starring Jerry Butler, which was also the title of that noted cocksman’s book.

So if you want some frat boy moments and gory kills set to Anthrax, head on over to Vinegar Syndrome.


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