Wake Up Heavy starts new slasher series

Wake Up Heavy — which has featured Sam on the show before and contributed this top ten slasher list to our site — has started a new series called “Why I Hate Slashers” that everyone who loves this site will enjoy. The first episode is all about Pieces, which as you probably know is a major favorite.

I really enjoyed this episode — Mark always has engaging content — if I have a few thoughts on it. I love the fact that the reason why he never watched the movie was because it seemed too hardcore and lurid, because well, that’s exactly what it’s all about.

The one issue I have is that Mark said that other than a few people, there isn’t anyone famous in this. He forgot Edmund Purdom, who is in a ton of films like Absurd2019: After the Fall of New YorkDon’t Open Till ChristmasThe Fifth Cord and contributed voiceover work to a ton of films, including one of my new obsessions, the European X-rated version of Witchcraft ’70 called Angeli bianchi… angeli neri.

It’s a small thing to pick out on an otherwise great episode. You can listen to it on the embedded link below.


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