B & S About Movies episode 74: Messiah of Evil

Bill and Mark joined us for Messiah of Evil, which is also the main subject of Bill’s new Drive-In Asylum (get your copy at http://etsy.me/2xXFtkF) We also discussed movies that Sam dreamed of watching in the 1970’s, like Dark Star and Laserblast, how Bill discovered Messiah of Evil, how much Becca hated A Ghost Story,… Continue reading B & S About Movies episode 74: Messiah of Evil

B&S About Movies episode 71: Clownhouse

On one hand, Clownhouse is an interesting movie from a young filmmaker. On the other, that same filmmaker was sexually molesting his star. So right off the squeaking bat, this is a weird movie. And it gets even weirder. We watched it. Please listen either on the link below or find us on iTunes. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/bandsaboutmovies/episodes/2017-08-03T10_33_39-07_00

Episode 70 – The Paperboy

This episode, we're watching the 1994 Canadian thriller The Paperboy. A kid who wants a family so bad, he'll kill just about anyone and everything to get it -- or maybe he's just Canadian and a little bit off. Either way, you can listen to it here: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/bandsaboutmovies/episodes/2017-07-19T20_38_46-07_00

B&S About Movies podcast episode 69: Terror House part 2

Bill and Mark are back to finish our review of Terror House! We discuss how this film is way too close to Texas Chainsaw Massacre; how horror movies have taught us so much about life; why Sam hated kids who watched the Waltons and Highway to Heaven; watching TV at your grandparents; the shitty TV… Continue reading B&S About Movies podcast episode 69: Terror House part 2

B&S About Movies podcast episode 68: Terror House

Bill and Mark from Groovie Doom join us to explore Terror House, which is also the focus of the new issue of Bill’s zine Drive-In Asylum. We discuss Terror House, of course, and how it predates Texas Chainsaw Massacre; when movies have too many titles; how to pronounce Ed Gein; Revenge from Planet Ape; cannibal… Continue reading B&S About Movies podcast episode 68: Terror House