Listen to Sam and Bill on Scream Queenz talking about Brotherhood of Satan!

Here’s the description of this week’s episode:

“For the first time in a long time, the door of THE NIGHTMARE CLOSET is about to slowly swing open once again and unleash another movie that completely traumatized me when I saw it as a child. This time, the evil let loose upon the world is Brotherhood of Satan. This movie has everything. Creepy kids! Creepy kids with creepy music boxes! Killer toys! Evil cake! Fidel Castro! Fake Jan! Literally, EVERYTHING!! But two things this movie does not have are two gentlemen who are experts in the field of cinematic sleaze and drive-in exploitation. Therefore, I am very fortunate to have two such gentlemen, BILL VAN RYN and SAM PANICO from GROOVY DOOM, as my guests this evening.”

You can listen right here: Scream Queenz

Wake Up Heavy starts new slasher series

Wake Up Heavy — which has featured Sam on the show before and contributed this top ten slasher list to our site — has started a new series called “Why I Hate Slashers” that everyone who loves this site will enjoy. The first episode is all about Pieces, which as you probably know is a major favorite.

I really enjoyed this episode — Mark always has engaging content — if I have a few thoughts on it. I love the fact that the reason why he never watched the movie was because it seemed too hardcore and lurid, because well, that’s exactly what it’s all about.

The one issue I have is that Mark said that other than a few people, there isn’t anyone famous in this. He forgot Edmund Purdom, who is in a ton of films like Absurd2019: After the Fall of New YorkDon’t Open Till ChristmasThe Fifth Cord and contributed voiceover work to a ton of films, including one of my new obsessions, the European X-rated version of Witchcraft ’70 called Angeli bianchi… angeli neri.

It’s a small thing to pick out on an otherwise great episode. You can listen to it on the embedded link below.


Bonus episode of Wake Up Heavy!

Want to hear how crazy I can be about movies? Good news. I talked so much on Wake Up Heavy! — some would say too much — that I ended up going off about my latest obsessions.

PigsEvel Knievel and Viva KnievelNight Killer! The Child! John Saxon! Cameron Mitchell! Murder, She Wrote! Movies made in Pittsburgh! My love of Italian horror and why I love ripoffs of The Exorcist more than the actual film! Amityville II: The Possession and why it’s the best movie ever! Tom Atkins! All this and more!

Sam’s appearance on Wake Up Heavy! discussing Under the Silver Lake

I’ve been a big fan of the Wake Up Heavy! podcast for some time. So I was beyond excited when I got asked to be a guest and discuss Under the Silver Lake, one of my favorite movies from this year.

Check it out — and listen to everything else on the show, I really love it — and I apologize in advance for how many times I say the words like, dude and awesome. I am pretty much a 47-year-old Pittsburgh teenager.



Welcome to episode 58!

In this episode, we’ll discuss how much Becca liked or didn’t like the latest Halloween, what slashers we actually like, what movies make Sam cry and why some people don’t like the movies Sam chooses to watch on movie nights.

Thanks for listening!

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B & S About Movies episode 74: Messiah of Evil

Bill and Mark joined us for Messiah of Evil, which is also the main subject of Bill’s new Drive-In Asylum (get your copy at We also discussed movies that Sam dreamed of watching in the 1970’s, like Dark Star and Laserblast, how Bill discovered Messiah of Evil, how much Becca hated A Ghost Story, multiple titles for the same movie, The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, how insane Burial Ground is and its big secret, how Chiller Theater and WOR showed amazing movies uncut on regular TV, watching Godzilla and King Kong on the holidays instead of caring about holiday traditions, Son of Kong depression, how movies used to stay in theaters for years, what makes an art film versus a horror film, the soundtrack of Messiah of Evil playing while Becca and Mark sleep, a discussion of Romero films, sex symbols of the 70s, why Bluto is hot, when men’s magazines advertised on late night TV, who is Playgirl for, why does a movie get lost and another becomes a classic, the change between 1960’s horror and Night of the Living Dead, reading horror magazines and being convinced that monsters really existed, “between you and me, one of these kids has a pentagram on their palm,” Salem’s Lot on TV and so much more!

You can find it on iTunes or right here: