Slasher Top Tens: Slasher Trash

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I’ve reached out to some of my favorite people, websites and personalities to ask, “What are your ten favorite slashers?” Notice I didn’t say the ten best. I said your ten favorites. That’s because I want to know the what’s and why’s of this bastard genre of horror. Slasher Trash posts more about this genre than anyone I know and you can read more on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,Letterboxd and on the site,!

He asked if he could restrict his top ten to his own qualifiers, as a list of this magnitude would be too hard otherwise before deciding on sharing his top ten obscure slashers:

10. The Incubus (1982): Weird and creepy with a supernatural edge, The Incubus is a sleazy, fever dream slasher.

9. Death Screams (1982): You don’t get much cheaper than Death Screams but this golden era doozy features fun kills and hilarious dialogue.

8. Too Scared To Scream (1984): A crime thriller turned slasher, Too Scared is giallo-esque in its approach. An intriguing whodunit.

7. Fatal Games (1984): A javelin throwing killer picks off the high school athletics team. What’s not to like?

6. Nightmares (1980): Well shot and exploitative, Nightmares boasts fantastic POV stalk & slash with blood and breasts to boot.

5. Mortuary (1983): An off-kilter tone sets Mortuary apart from its rivals. The killer guise is suitably scary and the cast elevates the material.

4. Blood Tracks (1985): Bonkers The Hills Have Eyes clone. Blood Tracks is madcap entertainment with a glee filled variety of deaths.

3. Girl’s Nite Out (1982): A killer dressed as a bear mascot terrorises a college campus. It’s ridiculous but it’s a damn good show that provides a chilling twist finale.

2. Don’t Open Till Christmas (1984): A batshit crazy British slasher makes Silent Night Deadly Night look tame. A wildly humorous, mean spirited body count bonanza.

1. Hide & Go Shriek (1988): A bunch of kids celebrating graduation get picked off one by one after breaking into a furniture store. A fine slasher which utilizes its excellent location and crazy cross-dressing killer!

Thanks Slasher Trash! If you’re interested in sending us your list, either reply here or email us at!


2 thoughts on “Slasher Top Tens: Slasher Trash

  1. What a great read! This guy sure does love his slashers, ha ha!

    Thanks for inviting me to compile a fun list for you.

    I love this site and often get directed here from IMDb when checking out reviews on random slashers!

    Liked by 1 person

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