Witch Story (1989)

Witch Story may have been sold as a sequel to Superstition in many parts of the world. In Germany, it was retitled Tanz der Hexen Teil 2 and claimed to be the sequel to Larry Cohen’s Wicked Stepmother, if you can believe that.

It’s also the directorial debut of Alessandro Capone, who wrote the 1987 slasher Body Count for Ruggero Deodato. It was shot between Rome and Florida, which probably lends it the strange disassociated feel that it enjoys.

If you enjoyed Ghosthouse, good news. This movie could equally be a sequel to that film.

If you can hang on until the last part — getting past the product placement that isn’t product placement but is there to let you know that this was shot in America, as well as the farting and burping guy who lends an unnecessary air of frat humor — Witch Story will reward you with people getting possessed and killing one another with all manner of implements, as well as a small girl being killed by a tractor. And isn’t that what we all showed up for?

I posted the whole movie below, so go ahead. Enjoy.

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