Slasher Top Tens: William Mendoza

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: We put out the word to find out what people’s top ten slasher movies were and so many cool folks answered the call! William Mendoza, who is an Art Supervisor and 3D Animator on Dream Corp LLC on Adult Swim sent this great list. You can check him out on Twitter, Instagram and his website. Here’s a clip of the show he’s working on!

William tried to keep this list within the slasher boom of the later 70s/early 80s. When we talked, he didn’t want to put any giallos on the list, but he feels that Body Double is actually a true slasher film. He said, “It’s very different than the rest of them but it’s just too awesome and cinematic to dismiss.”

1. Halloween

2. Body Double

3. Black Christmas

4. Maniac

5. Nightmare on Elm Street

6. Sleepaway Camp

7. Eyes of a Stranger

8. Friday the 13th

9. Don’t Go In The House

10. The Burning

Thanks William for sending us your list. If you have one, comment below or email us at

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