Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988)

Remember Sleepaway Camp, a movie whose shock ending disturbed everyone back in 1983? Well, Angela is back — this time played by The Boss’s sister Pamela Springsteen — and a counselor at a new camp. Of course, she (that’s the pronoun I assume that she prefers) just can’t stop killing everyone.

Renee Estevez — in her second slasher month film — plays final girl Molly. She makes it to the end at least, but her fate is ambiguous.

You know that The Nails song “88 Lines About 44 Women?” That’s how I should review this movie. Just play the song and sing along:

Sean Whitmore played Tony Higgins

Molly’s guy, he lost his head

Valerie Hartman was Ally

Got drowned in a toilet stall

Brian Patrick Clarke is T.C.

His face met battery acid

Walter Gotell was Uncle John, once General Gogol of the KGB

He didn’t even get to die on screen

Susan Marie Snyder was Mare

She got drilled, literally

Terry Hobs was Rob

Also killed off the screen

Kendall Bean was Debbie

Killed with a guitar string

Julie Murphy as Lea

Stabbed by our he and she

Carol Chambers as Brooke

Grilled to death

Her sis Jodi played by Amy Fields

Also was fricasseed

Benji Wilhoite? He was Anthony.

His throat slit with Freddy’s glove.

Walter Franks? He’s Judd.

Chainsawed, he got no love.

Justin Newell? Charlie.

Also killed but off the screen.

Heather Binion as Phoebe.

Tongue cut out, neat and clean.

Jason Ehrlich? Emilio.

Also killed but not shown on screen

Carol Martin Vines was Diane.

Another stabbing. Another teen.

Tricia Grant had no name.

Her character was sent home.

Jill Jane Clements drove a truck.

She met Angela. Had no luck.

Anyways — Sleepaway Camp II is played for laughs versus the original. Interestingly enough, all of the cannon fodder are named for 1980’s cultural icons: Molly (Molly Ringwald), Ally (Ally Sheedy), Uncle John (John Hughes), Rob (Rob Lowe), Demi (Demi Moore), Lea (Lea Thompson), Anthony (Anthony Michael Hall), Judd (Judd Nelson) and so on and so forth.

I’m not as much for the jokey slasher, but this is fine if you’re looking to continue the Sleepaway Camp experience. A third film was shot at the very same time, Back to the Future-style, so you can keep it going even further, if you’re so inclined.

You can watch this on Tubi and Vudu for free. Learn more at the official site and you can get a new blu ray of this from the fine folks at Shout! Factory.

The art for this article comes from Fright Rags, who have it available on their high quality t-shirts. This isn’t a paid plug. Trust me, we’ve spent plenty on their site.

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