Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland (1989)

A year after the second Sleepaway Camp, Angela is back to terrorize another camp full of teenagers. Now, after running over a young camp counselor named Maria with a truck, she’s assumed that identity and ready for even more murderous mayhem and flashbacks set to sing-a-long campfire songs.

Before things even get started, Angela (the returning Pamela Springsteen) kills news reporter Tawny Richards by giving her Ajax cleanser instead of cocaine. Then, she starts wipining out the troubled kids and counselors at camp.

There are some pretty inventive murders in this, like burying a woman up to her neck and then running her over with a lawnmower, dropping another teen off a flagpole, burning someone alive, blowing a firecracker in yet another camper’s nose and even some paramedics that get attacked with syringes. It’s pretty much open season on campers.

There is some star power — in my universe at least — as Michael J. Pollard (Four of the Apocalypse) plays camp counselor Herman Miranda and Sandra Dorsey, who was in Grizzly, plays his wife Lily.

There are plenty of easter eggs in this, like all of the characters being named for Brady Bunch, The Munsters and West Side Story characters. There were also originally going to be even more elaborate deaths, like Angela stabbing Herman in the crotch with a flaming hot poker and yelling, “A weenie roast!” But that’s probably just as well, as when this was screened for the MPAA, one of the screeners for physically ill during the flagpole scene.

You have plenty of options if you want to watch this. We’d advise getting the Shout! Factory blu ray, because physical media never gets taken away from you and streaming is unreliable. But if you want to see this immediately,  it’s free on Tubi, Vudu and Amazon Prime.

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