The Terror Within 2 (1991)

Andrew Stevens is back after the first film, this time helping the last human colony to survive underground against the mutants who yearn to destroy them. He also falls in love with another survivor long enough for her to be impregnated by a mutant, because that’s what these movies are all about.

You know, I love R. Lee Emery. Sure, he pretty much played the same role in every picture, but you have to respect a man who will give the same effort in a movie directed by Andrew Stevens as he did in one helmed by Stanley Kubrick. He’s also stated in interviews that he only did this movie to pay for his house. As a man struggling to keep up with all of the home improvement goals of my wife, I feel his pain. Here, he plays a doomed base commander, who at least has a love interest in Andrew’s mom, Stella Stevens. Speaking of respect, you gotta love a kid who makes sure his mom still has work.

The only thing I liked better about this sequel is that there’s an entire cult of religious nuts who constantly take peyote and worship the mutants. I wish the movie was about them doing drugs and hanging out with monsters, because that’s a way better movie than this.

You can watch this for free on Tubi and Amazon Prime. You can also get a blu ray of this movie from Ronin Flix.

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