Family (2018)

Kate Stone (Taylor Schilling, Orange Is the New Black) is career-focused. That’s it. Nothing else. But she’s become an outcast and lost from what’s left of her family. When she’s asked to babysit her niece Maddie, her life quite literally must change. Family isn’t the expected family comedy/drama and that’s probably why we enjoyed it so much.

Laura Steinel is a writer, actress and director who brought this film together. It’s the only coming of age Juggalo film that I can think of. However, it treats that subject with way more respect than you’d think.

This film is helped by a great supporting cast, including Brian Tyree Henry as a sensei, Bryn Vale as young Maddie, Matt Walsh (one of those character actors who brings up every comedy he’s in) as a co-worker, Kate McKinnon as a neighbor, Natasha Lyonne under heavy makeup as an Insane Clown Posse fan and Peter Horton as Kate’s father.

We usually end up watching a lot of these family growth films and this one felt real. That’s more than I can say for most of them. Also, as someone who perhaps has been sprayed with Faygo before, I kind of loved the scene where ICP stopped their show and tenderly searched for a missing girl.

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