Robot Holocaust (1986)

Tim Kincaid may have directed movies like Breeders and Mutant Hunt, but he may be more well-known as the adult film director of movies such as Orange Hankey Left and Joe Gage’s Sex Files Vol. 2: Uncle Pruitt Taught Me How to Do It. He was made a member of the GayVN Awards Hall of Fame in 2001 and in 2011, he won the XBIZ Award for Gay Director of the Year.

Thirty-three years before this movie began, a robot rebellion destroyed most of mankind. All the people who are left are either nomads or slaves to the Dark One, who power the city and fight in death matches, which are used to weed out the number of humans left alive.

Our hero Neo is a drifter who even has a robot sidekick Klyton. They head off to save Deeja’s dad and destroy the Dark One and his Power Station, along with some new allies that they meet on the way.

The music in this was taken directly from Laserblast. Somehow, even that movie is better than this one.

Perhaps most interesting, the man who played Klyton is Dr. J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner. Before he got his degree, he was in this film, Zombie Death House and Slash Dance. Since then, he’s become the project director for Brooklyn Arraignment Court’s Mental Health Court Advocacy Program and appears on the Reelz Channel show CopyCat Killers. The set painter on this was Andrew Kevin Walker, later of Nic Cage 8mm and Brad Pitt Se7en screenwriting fame.

You can get this from Ronin Flix.

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