Shevenge (2019)

Shevenge is made up of 12 different stories that the filmmakers say range from subtle psychological scares to all-out gore, including sociopaths, serial killers, spirits, and avenging angels. Some of these have been previously released and some are brand new.

Staci Layne Wilson assembled these different stories and directed the Psycho Therapy segment within. There’s also a story — Karma Is a Bitch — inspired by the Michelle Carter text/suicide case, Glass Ceiling where women bringing guns into the discussion of equal pay and even a killer mom — Hooker Assassin — going after men that have wronged women.

Plus, Tristan Risk from American Mary appears in For A Good Time, Call…and stories called All Men Must Die, Just A Girl, Lady Hunters, Doll Parts, Recipe #42, Metamorphosis from Hong Kong filmmaker Elaine Xia, The Leftovers and The Fetch, which has Kathleen Wilhoite from Witchboard in it.

As with most modern portmanteau movies, this is a mixed bag of assorted shorts assembled around a general idea instead of the Amicus films, where each movie leads to something bigger and better. Some stories may be better — or worse — than others.

You can watch this for free on Amazon Prime. Wilson also has a limited edition DVD available on her site. Net profits are going to go to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, so even if you don’t like the film, you’re helping a good cause.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this by the movie’s PR company. That had no bearing on our review.

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