Sweet Georgia (1972)

Marsha Jordan (Count YorgaThe Toy Box) is Sweet Georgia, the sexed up wife of rancher Big T (Gene Drew, Truck Stop WomenBobbie Jo and the Outlaw), an abusive drunk who she denies carnal pleasure, instead finding it in the arms of ranchhand Cal and even the arms of her stepdaughter Virginia (Barbara Mills, who also used the stage names Leona Tyler and Barbara Caron for movies like Executive Wives and Fire In Her Bed).

The final straw is when Georgia sleeps with the slow switted Leroy, which leads to her getting trampled by a horse and the farmhand getting stabbed with a pitchform before Cal and Virginia cattle prod the oyster ditch, so to speak. Then, of course, Cal is killed by Big T and we cut to Virginia enjoying herself in a room that is so red lit that it must have been in Mario Bava’s house. In case you think that the once virginal Virginia isn’t going to dance the forbidden polka with her old man, then you haven’t seen a Harry Novak film. Is there a square up reel? Of course there is.

This is another Harry Novak affair. Yes, the producer of such stalwart offerings as Suburban PagansCountry CuzzinsWham! Bam! Thank You, Spaceman!; The Child and   Tanya, perhaps the only sexploitation comedy romp about Patty Hearst. If you think I’m not hunting down that last one right now, you don’t know me all that well.

Should you watch this? Honestly, other than the song that plays throughout the film, there’s not much I can recommend. You’d probaby get more out of it just looking at the poster for an hour.

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