Scrawl (2019)

Scrawl is the film debut of Daisy Ridley, who has gone on to star in Rey in the new series of Star Wars movies. Shot in 2015, she plays Hannah, who literally becomes death itself in this movie, which is about teens that create a comic book that comes to life with deadly results.

Simon Goodman and Joe Harper are teens living in a small town that have created a comic book called Scrawl in the hopes that they can get famous and meet women. Once they meet Hannah (Ridley), a mysterious new girl, their dreams start to come true. Girls want to meet them and life gets way more interesting.

However, the more violent situations in the comic start coming to bloody life. And on page 21 of the new issue, there’s a violent massacre that hasn’t happened yet.

Scrawl is a movie filled with great ideas and not so great execution. The idea of getting to live your dream of creating a comic book is one that many viewers would totally empathize with. Despite the numerous murders and blood in nearly every scene of the movie. this movie quite frankly drags. That said, the quality of the production is solid and the comic itself looks pretty interesting. I just wish the rest of the actual film lived up to the great premise.

Scrawl is now available via On Demand and on DVD at Walmart.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR team but that has no impact on our review.

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