Wade In the Water (2019)

The main character in this movie — referred to as Our Man in the credits — is never named. He works from home, gets in arguments with nearly everyone he does meet and has no friends. His life changes forever when he opens a package filled with images that upset him. Now, he must take the secret of that package and take his life on a whole new path.

Wade In the Water is directed by Mark Wilson, who up until now has directed mainly shorts and the documentary The Painted Warrior. Its true strength lies in its lead, Tom E. Nicholson. He conveys the pain of a childhood of abuse that has manifested itself in an isolated and angry existence in his adulthood.

He ends up meeting the daughter (Tilly Anderton) of the man who the package was intended for and forges an uneasy friendship with her. Within that relationship, he confesses more of the personal pain that he grew up with than he does to his therapist. The juxtaposition between the small girl and the giant of a man is in direct proportion to how much more control she has over life than he does, wildly flailing through in and lashing out in all directions.

Wade In the Water isn’t the type of film that we ordinarily explore on our site, but it was still a fascinating watch.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR team, but that has no impact on our review.

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