Such a Funny Life (2019)

The Guiterrez family has moved to New York from “nowhere,” with David having to deal with the issues of his abusive father Ralph and mentally challenged mother Mariah. While he’s a loser in school and on the streets, he shines when it comes time to get up on the comedy stage. That’s the tale that Such A Funny Life brings to the screen.

David’s life is brutal — he loses his sister Gabriella to a senseless death as she rides her new bike in the street. Then he falls for a troubled girl named Mariah, who he tries in vain to make happy. This leads him to Los Angeles, where he starts a new life and finally has a chance to achieve his comedy dreams. But there’s a price on his head and a threat to his loved ones and family that he must deal with first.

Such A Funny Life is the first fill-length film from writer/director Oliver Mann. It’s pretty dark and depressing, to be honest, but the story is well told. Sometimes. the funniest voices have had to deal with the most pain in their lives. You can catch it on August 13 in theaters everywhere.

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