Knock Off (1998)

For all the amazing Hong Kong movies Tsui Hark made, he only has two Western films to his credit. Both star Jean-Claude Van Damme, but only one co-stars Rob Schneider. This would be that movie. It also features fight choreography and second unit direction from Sammo Hung, but many of his longer battles were cut from the film that was finally released. This movie almost had Jet Li in it, but he decided to make Lethal Weapon 4 instead.

Marcus Ray (Van Damme) and Tommy Hendricks (Rob Schneider) own V Six Jeans and are about to be busted for selling knock offs of their own product by Karen Leigh (Lela Rochon, Waiting to Exhale) who is not only their boss, but also a CIA agent out to ferret out the spy within the company. There’s yet another CIA agent named Harry Johannson (Paul Sorvino!) who is really a double agent for terrorists and the Russian mob. And to top all that off, Tommy is CIA too.

It turns out that the knock off jeans and some baby dolls are laden with nanobombs. Go with me here: they were made by former KGB agents who now work with terrorists who are using the Russian mob to get them on the black market all so that they can extort $100 billion dollars from the world’s governments. Who you gonna call? The copy guy and Van Damme, that’s who.

Knock Off is totally ridiculous, but you kind of know what to expect going into it. Van Damme as a fashion magnate? Sure, why not? At least he doesn’t get crucified on a ship or have an old guy stretch him out in this one.


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