Petals on the Wind (2014)

Ten years after escaping from their mother, the surviving Dollanganger children — Cathy, Chris and Carrie — have tried to move on with their lives. But now, Cathy decides that enough is enough. She’s finally ready to take her horrible revenge on her mother, vengeance that was only hinted upon in the first film.

After the death of the man who took them in, our three heroes have moved on with their lives. Meanwhile, their grandmother Olivia is now an invalid after a stroke while their mother Corinne has fully taken over Foxworth Hall, the site of their imprisonment.

Cathy (Rose McIver, The Lovely Bones) has become a ballet dancer while her brother Chris (Wyatt Nash, whose career started on the reality show Survivor) learns to be a doctor and her sister Carrie (Bailey De Young) is bullied in high school.

On the eve of Carrie leaving town to try her luck on Broadway with her new boyfriend Julian, she gives in to her passion for her brother. That’s when it’s revealed that they almost had a child that miscarried. She leaves in the hopes of a new life while her brother remains behind, unable to love anyone but her. That’s bad news for the daughter of his boss at the hospital, Sarah Reeves, who falls in love with him.

Meanwhile, Julian is the rogue you probably figured he would be. He abuses her and even drops her at the try-out, breaking her leg and ruining her dreams of being on the Great White Way. That said, he does sabotage the girl who wins the lead by putting glass in her shoes and getting Cathy into a restaging of Romeo and Juliet. However, he starts getting touchy with her sister and an argument causes him to drive so badly that he wrecks and dies. Want to bet that Cathy is pregnant with either her brother or Julian’s child?

That said, Carrie is still a mess. She falls in love with a minister named Alex, but when she meets her mother and invites her to the wedding, her refusal leads to suicide. Cathy finally enacts her plan — seduce her mother’s husband Bart Winslow and then ruin her life. She also shows up to kiss her brother the day before his wedding, causing him to lose his new bride and his job as a doctor.

Chris decides that Cathy and her son Jory should come to California, where they will start a new life where no one knows them. But hey — why do that when you can go to a Christmas party and reveal to your evil mother that her husband’s baby is growing inside you?

The ending of this — how do I even get into it? Corinna and Olivia get in a shouting match, which ends with the old woman revealing that she kept the skeleton of her grandson Cory. Everyone but Cornnine, Chris and Cathy dies in the ensuing inferno, leaving for California while their mother is institutionalized.

This one has everything you want — if what you want is crazy people acting crazy and shouting recriminations at one another.

BONUS: Becca and I discussed this movie on our podcast.

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