Dolls (2019)

First off, this movie has nothing to do with Dolls, other than the fact that this film also has killer dolls, but it owes its inspiration more to Blumhouse than Charles Band. It’s from first-time feature director Cuyle Carvin, with a script from Justin Hawkins & Josh Hawkins, along with contributions from Jeff Miller (The Toybox).

Robert Holbrook is a children’s book author who had a pretty troubling childhood. He’s in the throes of alcoholism and divorce when he moves back to his mother’s house — horror tip, never go back home — with his rebellious daughter soon move in with him.

However, there are three dolls that have a frightening past where they were used to conquer the demons inside a mentally unstable man. His sister Margaret (Dee Wallace!) shows up to warn our protagonists, but it really seems like she’s too late.

The dolls never really move or do much beyond their eyes lighting up. That said, if you’re frightened by toys that just randomly show up in places where they shouldn’t be, then you’ll enjoy this. It doesn’t break much new ground, but it’s professionally made.

Dolls will be released on DVD and VOD on July 2.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this film by its PR company, but that has no impact on our review.

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