The Refuge (2019)

A getaway driver finds himself in harm’s way when he gets in over his head, thanks to a casino heist, in The Refuge, a new crime thriller written and directed by Keith Sutliff (The Mason Brothers), who also stars in the film. Can he survive the experience?

Markus Hunter lives alone, his reputation taking him all over the world, until he gets a job from Frank which concerns unpaid money from a casino heist. Things don’t go as expected, leading to his life falling apart.

There’s a decent story at the heart of this and the visuals are incredibly gorgeous. Yet most of the movie is spent on planning and just driving for endless stretches of time. If you ever sat and watched someone play Grand Theft Auto and said, “I wish I could watch this as a movie instead of someone playing it as a game,” then The Refuge is the movie for you.

It’s kind of a shame, because this all feels like it could be so much more. Sutliff obviously has tons of talent and a great eye. Here’s hoping his next project delivers on that promise.

The Refuge will be in theaters June 28.

Disclaimer: We were sent this movie by its PR team.

2 thoughts on “The Refuge (2019)

  1. The cinematography and music of The Refuge is giving me a solid vibe of one of my favorite movies–Michael Mann “Theif.” I’ll seek this one out for sure.

    You steered me right on Under the Silver Lake. Excellent flick.


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