Fatal Bond (1991)

We’ve already covered one Australian Linda Blair movie, 1990’s Deep Sleep. Obviously, the next stage in our quest to covered every single movie she’s ever been in would eventually bring us to another Down Under Blair effort. Being a completist is kind of like that.

Joe Martinez is a violent drifter who only really loves his car and getting into fisticuffs. He’s saved from being arrested one night by an American girl named Leonie (Blair) and they’re soon making the kind of love reserved for Cinemax at 2:17 AM. Complicating matters is that Joe might be a serial killer. You know how that happens.

For those interested in the siblings of more famous actors, Mel Gibson’s brother Donal shows up.

Look — if the dude you hooked up with in a bar is being followed by the police for unpaid parking tickets and you find the bodies of any woman that he flirted or cheated on you with, chances are you’re actually Linda Blair and are trapped in a bad Australian movie. I have no idea how to help you. It will get worse when the father of the dead girl starts hunting you and your potential murderer beau. Truly, no actress has played more beaten down, treated like garbage characters than Linda, yet here I am, wishing the best for her as I watch her roles at 5:38 AM.

One thought on “Fatal Bond (1991)

  1. “. . . and they’re soon making the kind of love reserved for Cinemax at 2:17 AM.” Hahahaha. That kills it! LOL. That’s great writing! Yep, back in the days before parental blocking features, how many us wee lads snuck out to the family room and, with the TV on low, turned on Cinemax for those awful skin flicks. The good memories!


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