The Seventh Sign (1988)

If there’s anything the late 80’s were known for, it was pre-millennial tension. Well, that and Demi Moore being a star. This one concerns a series of phenomena that seem to be the signs of the apocalypse, including sea life being boiled in Haiti and the Middle East freezing. Each time, a mysterious man opens a sealed envelope, unlocking the seals of the end of all things. What does Bruce Willis’ wife — at the time — have to do with all of this?

The Vatican asks Father Lucci to investigate these strange happenings, as they believe that they’re hoaxes or have some simple explanation. Meanwhile, Abby Quinn (Moore) is struggling through a difficult pregnancy. Hee husband Russell (Michael Biehn, forever Kyle Reese and Hicks) is in the midst of representing a boy with Down syndrome who murdered his incestuous parents because of what God taught him. And oh yeah — a man named David Bannon (Jurgen Prochnow, Sutter Cane from In the Mouth of Madness) has come to live with them and she instantly has visions of him being beaten down by a soldier who asks, “Would you die for him?”

Abby learns from David that God’s grace is empty and soon, no new souls will remain to be given to babies. So she does what any of us would do and stabs him, but he “cannot die again” because he’s the Second Coming of Jesus and she’s been having dreams of the last time she saw him die, back when she was Seraphia, the woman who offered Jesus water. It turns out that Father Lucci was Cartaphilus, one of Pontious Pilate’s men who struck the Son of God, and he’s been cursed to walk the Earth until Jesus returns to judge the human race. He wants the end of the world to happen so he can be free of that curse.

Abby is unable to stop the fifth sign — the tortured death of a martyr for God’s cause — which is her husband’s client being executed. Lucci kills the boy and wounds Abby, which leads to an eclipse and earthquake. In the hospital, her baby is stillborn — the seventh sign, the birth of a soulless child — until she remembers her past life and reaches out to give her own life to her child. And that’s the happy ending, but man, it sure doesn’t feel that way. Jesus appears in the hospital to tell her husband that Abby’s sacrifice has refilled the Hall of Souls, saving the world.

My wife loves this movie and put it on during a Sunday afternoon where I was exhausted and struggled through it, leading to some absolutely horrific napping dreams. I’d recommend you’re fully awake for this instead of making my mistake.

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