Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera (2013)

Thanks again to Paul Andolina for sharing a second musical with us. If you like his stuff, check out his site Wrestling with Film

Metalocalypse was a cartoon about the fictional band Dethklok that aired on Adult Swim. It premiered in 2006 and saw its incomplete conclusion in 2013 with an hr long rock opera titled Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera.

Metalocalypse was a huge thing to me, I remember patiently awaiting its premiere on Adult Swim, its second season beginning my first year of college, the Dethalbums, and even going to their concert when they toured with Mastodon. I made friendships because of this show and my love for metal deepened with every episode.

It would be hard to recap all the seasons before the Klok opera so I’m not going to attempt that. Instead I’ll just review it as it is, a rock opera like television had never seen before and possibly never will again. 

Doomstar Requiem picks up where season four left off with Magnus Hammersmith kidnapping Toki and Abigail. The rest of Dethklok, Nathan Explosion, Pickles, Skwisgar Skwigelf, and William Murderface are pretending to not miss Toki and have been spending the time since his disappearance getting totally shitfaced and partying around the world. Meanwhile, Dethklok’s manager Charles Offdensen is attempting to find Toki by using Dethklok’s enormous capital and their army of Klokateers. Their results are less than stellar. 

The Church of the Black Klok is assisting Offdensen and eventually the band grows a pair and sets out to rescue Toki from the grasp of Magnus and the Man with the Silver Face. They encounter old friends, disenchanted musicians, and a bunch of druggies along the way.

This hour-long special has a bit of everything, it has Metalocalypse‘s usual humor peppered with heavy parody of metal culture, awesome animation, and amazing music. If someone told me that this is how Metalocalypse would go out, I wouldn’t have been surprised at all as it is an emotional journey filled with slick beats and sick riffs.

The music in Doomstar Requiem runs a gamut of styles, from pop, lullabies, orchestral music, and blistering metal. There is even an extended fantasy sequence where Toki remembers his audition to join the band that includes a lengthy duel guitar solo. From beginning to end it absolutely captivated me with it’s visual and audial presence. 

The special was never released on home video in the United States but did receive a DVD release in Australia albeit the cursing is censored. It doesn’t hurt it much because they don’t say the F word nearly as much as they did in previous seasons. I did manage to track it down and I’m very happy to have a complete collection of Metalocalypse, finally. It was released as an album as well worldwide and it is definitely worth picking up.

Unfortunately, the creator of Metalocalypse only got to do this one special which ends on a cliffhanger. Adult Swim refused to allow him to complete his vision with one more special but Small released a sequel to his Galaktikon album that many believe to hold the key to fate of Dethklok albeit in a cryptic manner since Adult Swim held all the rights to Metalocalypse and Dethklok. I like to believe that in some alternate reality somewhere Metalocalypse saw a complete conclusion but I am satisfied with what we do have. 

The songs in the special are all amazing but some of my favorites are “The Birth,” “Abigail’s Lullaby,” “How Can I Be A Hero” and “Do It All for My Brother.” If you are a fan of the show you have probably already watched this but if you are not a fan I suggest giving it a watch. Perhaps it’ll inspire you to track down the seasons and fall in love with the show. 

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