False Flag (2019)

Two estranged brothers find their attempt to rebuild their lives torn apart when martial law is instituted for no reason in their small town. You could say this movie seems unrealistic, but a black helicopter training exercise in Pittsburgh’s Strip District in the late 1990’s was greeted by drunken people emerging from after hour clubs.

This means that the brothers must put aside their differences and join forces to evade the police and government, all while learning whether or not the forces that have been deployed are even US troops.

I really liked the way this film depicted the way the troops casually tore through people’s lives, unleashing sonic weapons and explosions, turning the ordinary family disagreements at the start into a small skirmish compared to the world decimating battle outside.

While this film has a small budget, the filmmakers do a ton with what they have. It really kept me watching and waiting to see what happened next. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s really well done and I liked the framing sequences. Hey — they made $60,000 look awesome!

Plus, the website in the film, The Fringe Facts, actually points to info about the movie. Well done marketing!

False Flag is now available on VOD, Amazon Prime and DVD on Amazon and at WalMart. You can also learn more at the official Facebook page.

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