Deathgasm (2015)

Who knew that one of the best movies about Satanic panic and heavy metal would be made in 2015 and in the country of New Zealand? Seriously — a movie supremely influenced by D&D, Ozzy and Trick or Treat made decades later? All hail Sammi Curr. And all hail Rikki Daggers.

Brodie is a misfit kid who finds joy in one place: metal. His life pretty much sucks: his dad is dead, his mom’s in an insane asylum and he’s stuck living with Christian relatives in a small town where no one understands him but his geeky friends Dion and Giles. Soon, however, he meets Zakk and they form a band called DETHGASM. Before you know it, even the hottest girl in school — Medina — is interested in him.

Brodie and Zakk find the hidden home of Rikki Daggers, a musician who disappeared after one classic album. They find him hiding out from a cult who soon catches up to him and slices his throat. However, the boys have already left with a copy of The Black Hymn, which Brodie thinks can help him gain the power he needs to defeat bullies. Oh, if it were only that easy. The band has invoked the demon Aeloth, who is now possessing the town and will arrive at 3 AM to take over the body of the most evil person in town.

Can the power of metal and friendship defeat a town of demons? Can two friends not let a hot girl come between them? Will heads blow up? How do sex toys do as weapons against hellspawn?

This is a movie that gets metal right from the guy, even including a dead on parody of Immortal’s video for “Call of the Wintermoon.” It’s also an effective remake of Evil Dead, with perhaps even more blood, if that’s possible. This one comes more than recommended. I lived this life. I feel this movie.

You can watch this on Shudder with and without commentary from Joe Bob Briggs.

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