Drowning Echo (2017)

My friend used to have an apartment that had a swimming pool. It was great when she’d sneak us in, but never once did I worry if there was going to be some tentacled monster inside it ready to murder me. Which is a relief after seeing this, because according to Drowing Echo, that can and does happen.

Originally titled Nereus and The Complex, this movie is all about Sara, who starts the movie by having visions and is soon attacked by a creature beyond time and space in her friend’s swimming pool. I guess they weren’t checking the pH levels properly!

Even when Sara comes back to her room and has a drink, she wakes up back in the deep end. This is why I am concerned about staying at air BNBs.

You may enjoy it more than me. I struggled through the last hour of the film, to be honest. There’s a lot of discussion via Facetime, cameos by Mexican wrestling masks, trips to Greece, psychic sessions, hard to decipher accents, monks turned into slaves, a Blair Witch ripoff scene and some The Abyss-style CGI and one of those “it isn’t over” endings.

This is available on demand now.

NOTE: This was sent to us by the movie’s PR team but that has no impact on our review.

One thought on “Drowning Echo (2017)

  1. . . . and it worked because I never heard of this movie before, so B&S Movies strikes again!

    This is an excellent lesson in film marketing, with that title change to “Drowning Echo” and putting the octopus out front–very smart marketing. (Remember how Evil Dead was “Book of the Dead” in its original form?) My first impression, just from the box and the title: this is some wacked-out Japanese or Italian flick with twisted plotting–which I love. The end result, thanks to B&S: I am watching Drowning Echo.

    Why am I thinking Dagon, the very cool Lovecraft adaptation that Dennis Paoli and Stuart Gordon cooked up? Did that have an octopus as well?


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