Scary Movie 2 (2001)

Thomas Shablesky suggested this film for this all request Horror Comedy Week. I’ve known him since he was a little kid, literally. His brother and I were best friends, often watching Phantasm 2 over and over again, as well as Blood Sucking Freaks. I’m sure we warped his brain a little. He’s directed a few films of his own since then (and grown up around 20 or so years)!

Despite being killed off in the original, everyone from the first Scary Movie came back for this one. It’s the last one in the series for Marlon and Shawn Wayans, and director Keenen Ivory Wayans. The Wayans would eventually go on to produce A Haunted House.

Kennan Ivory Wayans watched over a hundred movies just to get ready for this movie. It starts with a parody of The Exorcist that originally had Marlon Brando in it, who completed one day of filming before he left due to being sick. He got to keep a million just for that day. He was replaced by James Woods, who made $1 million dollars for just four days of work. You know who almost did that part? Charlton Heston and even former President Bill Clinton.

This sequence has Megan Voorhees (Natasha Lyonne!) becomes possessed by the spirit of Hugh Kane (Richard Moll, who has to be in every 80’s horror movie). She even pees on the floor for an extended period, which is funny in the 2000’s where it was scary in the 1970’s. Woods is joined by Andy Richter as a second priest and they end up shooting Megan.

Everyone from the first movie is joined by Tori Spelling as a new character as they take a class in the paranormal from Professor Oldman (Tim Curry) and his paraplegic assistant Dwight Hartman (David Cross). According to Tori Spelling, she had a lead role, but after refusing to do a topless scene, Dimension Studios cut her out of more than half the movie. This seems kind of like BS, as this film doesn’t have any other nudity, but when the Weinsteins are involved, who can say.

They end up going to Hell House (it’s actually Wayne Manor from the Batman TV show) to do research, the home of Hanson the caretaker (Chris Elliot!). At this point, the movie descends into sight gags and gross-out humor, as you’d expect. There’s a cat fistfight, sex with ghosts, Howard Stern star Beetlejuice inside someone’s skull, a wheelchair fight and more. Your mileage will vary here as to whether you find this humorous or not. If you’ve seen The Haunting, you know most of this movie.

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