Soldier of War (2019)

Deep in the forest, two teenage boys accidentally discover the entrance to a secret military bunker hidden since World War II. They awaken an undead soldier who soon wipes out everyone he comes in contact with, including the police who are trying to solve the crime. Only a World War II vet with dementia (John Rhys-Davies!) knows how to stop the killing.

I really enjoyed this British horror film that has high production values despite its low budget. There’s more than enough gore on display and the actual practical effects of the zombie soldier are pretty impressive.

Usually, most films suffer when they leap genre. Here, the film effortlessly moves from police procedural to slasher film to supernatural zombie film. There are also elements of rural horror here.

This is one of the better independent releases I’ve seen in a while. I’d compare its look and kills to a favorite 80’s slasher, The Prowler, but with a modern edge. The story of the soldier never stopping in his mission gives this film’s antagonist plenty of reason to be and the old soldier that must conquer age and doubt to stop him is just as well-formed.

Look for this on Amazon Prime now and on DVD April 9.

NOTE: The film’s production company sent us this, but that has no bearing on our review.

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