Night of Something Strange (2016)

Five teenage friends just want to go to the beach for Spring Break. However, one of them gets a deadly sexually transmitted disease from a toilet seat and soon spreads it through the group as they spend the night at an isolated motel. What’s even scarier than an STD? One that transforms you into the living dead.

Directed and co-written by Jonathan Straiton, this is not a movie that I’d recommend for the squeamish. Or the easily offended. Beyond the rampant gore and general mayhem, there’s also a lot that is ready to upset nearly everyone: vaginas with teeth, masturbating zombies, zombie bukkake and more. So much more. I’d compare this movie to Night of the Creeps, if that movie had more sex.

I’ve seen people both love and hate this movie, both for the same reasons. It’s silly at best and its humor is completely over the line offensive at worse. It just depends where your morals lie. Me, I laughed at a lot of the film and groaned at some of its goofier scenes, but still enjoyed the practical effects and evil janitor Cornelius’ antics. If you’re homophobic, afraid of blood or easily upset by tentacle porn, just don’t watch it.

You can check out more about the film — and grab plenty of merch from it — at the official site. You can watch it on Shudder.

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