Black and Blue (2016)

Dylan Avery produced and directed Loose Change, a movie many cite when they bring up 9/11 conspiracy theories. Now, he’s turning his directorial lens toward the issue of police brutality and corruption, from a DJ beat up by off duty DEA agents in town for a convention to a man arrested for filming a police officer. Full disclosure, just like Loose Change, the project began as a fictional narrative film and eventually became a documentary.

Avery was inspired to make this movie after moving to a small neighborhood named La Crescenta, which is patrolled by deputy sheriffs instead of a police force. After being hassled many times himself and profiled as a potential criminal, he began looking into the issues of police brutality.

Obviously, this film is very slanted toward one side. But there’s no way you can’t watch the news and come to realize that we’re in a police state. There’s plenty of worth in keeping an open mind and seeing both sides. I did like that Avery got the point of view of many former police officers. There’s an interesting quote here that really got my brain going: “Being a police officer is the only occupation where you get to be the boss of everybody your very first day on the job.”

You can rent this film on Amazon Prime or visit the official Facebook page.

NOTE: We were sent this movie by its PR team but that has no bearing on this article.

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